Para Siempre

About elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca, THE COLLECTION

"elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca" is a collection of illustrated dreams. It´s also a tandem between children and artists. The authors of the dreams are generally children, who generously write them down during a period of time. More than 1000 kids have joined. The collection is an endless journey in search of dreams. 

About Dorett, THE DREAMER

Among other kids, Dorett has been one of the most active dreamers in the project. She kept a series of “dream diaries” from April 2004 to June 2008. The first dream she wrote was at age 11. Originally from Ecuador, Dorett is currently living in Spain.

Dorett´s connection with dreams started long before she was born. As told by Gerardo -her father- Dorett is the name of a beautiful woman dressed in blue, that he dreamed at age 18, before he met Dorett´s mother. In his vision, the long haired woman dissapeared in the Eiffel tower. From that dream he decided to name his future daughter “Dorett”.





About Lea Heinrich, THE ARTIST

Lea is a German comic artist who often dreams about being on a subway train traveling underneath the massive steal and concrete construction of New York City.  Sometimes she observes the other passengers, sometimes there´s nobody else on the train, and sometimes she doesn´t know where she is going, but either way it´s always exciting. 

Right now Lea lives in Brooklyn. She has a little studio in a neighborhood that is mostly inhabited by Latin-Americans. Sirens and Mariachi music sound through out the streets as Lea makes it her mission to find out who is making the best Guacamole in town. Whenever she takes the subway it is not much different from her dreams, just a slightly minor amount of ghosts, monsters and animals are to be met in reality. 

You can follow the work in progress >here<